Hemp vs Cotton: Why We Avoid Common Cotton

Hemp vs Cotton: Why We Avoid Common Cotton

There is so much information available about the environmental impacts of different textiles and truth be told many of the traditional options available to linen lovers leave a bit to be desired in terms of sustainability. Cotton is by far the most readily available and commonly used bedding textile. It also drains more of the earth's precious resources than any other fabric. Hemp is a much gentler option and in this article we explore exactly how.


Less water and fewer chemicals

The production of cotton textiles is heavily resource-reliant. Cotton requires four times the water that is required by hemp to grow. It also relies on harmful chemicals to keep pests and weeds at bay. Hemp, on the other hand, is relatively low-impact. It is a very hardy crop which requires only a small amount of water to grow. It also boasts unrivalled pest-resistant qualities so there is little to no need for farmers to use pesticides and herbicides during the growing period.



Superior yield and environmental benefits

Twice as much hemp fibre can be cultivated per acre than cotton, meaning more textiles can be produced on a smaller parcel of land. The growth of hemp also improves soil quality, rather than depleting the soil of nutrients in the way that cotton production does. Most crops, including cotton, cannot be cultivated season after season. Farmers therefore need to rotate their crops to improve soil conditions. Hemp can be used as a magnificent rotation crop or, alternatively, can be grown season after season on the same land.



A superior finished product

You have probably slept in cotton sheets at some point over the course of your lifetime and you may have noticed that, compared to other materials like flax linen (and hemp), they have a tendency to wear out quickly. Cotton sheets are cheap but you will often find that you need to replace your cotton sheets regularly, whether because it has worn out, stretched out of shape or dulled and faded. Hemp is considered to create one of the strongest and most durable textile fibres. It is therefore easy to keep clean and does not wear out like cotton bedding. With proper care, pure hemp bed linen should last a lifetime.




Cotton is a familiar, popular and affordable bedding option but its environmental and practical qualities leave a little to be desired. Investing in a luxurious set of pure hemp linen will put you on the path to heavenly sleep and do a little good for the future of the planet in the process.

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