Collage including three photos from Stephs Instagram account which show her interior style


steph sitting on her grey couch with white sheer curtains behind her and sage green and brown cushions on couch beside her
Meet Steph, the effortlessly chic, refreshingly authentic and seriously thrifty style guru behind Instagram account @styledbysandj, through which she documents the process of building and styling her first home with her partner Jon. Steph provides her fans with modern, largely monochromatic interior inspiration and demonstrates that stylish surrounds are attainable even on a shoestring budget. 
Steph is a determined young woman who has managed to cultivate a thriving career as a Property Stylist/Interior Decorator from her passion for home styling. An early fan of the Calvi.Co brand, Steph was the ideal candidate for our first episode of the IN BED WITH series, where we have a sticky beak into the lives of some of our greatest sources of inspiration. Here's what Steph shared with us...

Q: What's the best thing about working as a Property Stylist/Interior Decorator?

A: "The best part about my job is how every day is different. I get to style a different home each day with completely different interior styles. It is really amazing watching a home come to life with styling! You get to be as creative as you want too. It’s fantastic and super rewarding."

Q: What's your favourite room at home?

A: "As much as I love my living area, my favourite room in my home is my guest bedroom."

Q: What makes the guest bedroom so great?

A: "Not only do I have Calvi Co bedding in there [but it also] has soft neutral tones which just makes it feel so homey! My bedding is a neutral linen which means I can be as creative as I want when styling it."

Q: Tell us about your greatest achievement to date!

A: "This would definitely be building our first home and getting my dream job, all by the age of 25."

Q: Where do you turn for inspiration?

A: "I usually go to Pinterest for inspiration, but in the last couple of years especially when it comes to styling my home or getting ideas, I’ve been using Instagram. There are so many beautiful accounts on there, and the best part is everyone is so different. I love it. My job also gives me a lot of inspiration... each day I come home I’ve got a new idea."

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would we find you?

A: "Probably New York, it’s always been a dream of mine to live over there. You never know, maybe one day I might!"

Q: What's your favourite décor item or piece of furniture in your home?

A: "At the moment my favourite décor item is my decorative knot I bought from Spotlight a few weeks ago. It was originally a beige colour and I actually painted it black to suit my interior style. It’s styled on a top of some books on our TV unit."

Q: Okay let’s talk beds:

  • Cushions or no cushions? "Yes cushions!... even though my partner thinks the opposite."
  • How many cushions? "Four or five cushions is my go-to."
  • Euro or standard pillows? "Both! Four standard pillows with two euros."
  • Flat sheet or no flat sheet? "No flat sheet for us."
  • Do you make your bed every morning? "Yes! I love coming home to a made bed. Not only that, making your bed in the morning gives you extra motivation to be more productive."
Bedroom with neutral and grey tones, pure hemp bed linen by Calvi.Co in raw, natural, beige colour

 A special thank you to Steph for giving us an insight into her home and life in this episode of the Calvi.Column's IN BED WITH series. 

Steph's guest bedroom contains a Bundle of Calvi.Co pure hemp bed linen in PEBBLE, including a Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Quilt Cover and pair of Standard Pillowcases.





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