Summer Sleep Sorted

Summer Sleep Sorted

Summer has arrived and whilst Australia really comes alive in the warmer months hot, busy, long days can wreak havoc on our sleep. Thankfully, hemp bed linen is here to save summer! Hemp is the perfect natural fibre to optimise comfort while you sleep off those long summer days and here's why.

Hemp bed linen is surprisingly cool to the touch. The hollow structure of the hemp fibres used to make hemp bed linen allows it to keep its cool, meaning you will feel refreshed when you jump into bed each evening. These fibres also allow the fabric to breathe well throughout the night. That extra airflow means you won't feel suffocated during the hot summer nights.

Another game-changing characteristic of hemp bed linen is the textile's natural mould resistance and hypoallergenic qualities. The low levels of THC in industrial hemp mean it can be produced organically without reliance on harsh chemicals so it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Damp hair and sweaty bodies are also no match for hemp bed linen given its ultra-absorbency. Avoiding a build up of bacteria and in severe cases even mould is the key to maintaining a healthy sleep space all summer long.

Then there's the comfort factor. Have you ever been burnt by the sun or the wind and spent the night tangled in uncomfortable bed linen? It's not pleasant! Hemp linen is super soft and gets more so overtime. Buttery soft sheets are the way to go every month of the year but particularly so during summer when you really need to rest well between each chaotic day in the sun.

Enjoy your summer more than ever with bed linen made from the most luxurious natural fibre on earth - HEMP!

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