Help your hemp sheets last a lifetime

Help your hemp sheets last a lifetime

If you have taken the plunge and bought yourself a set of pure hemp bed linen you are probably already aware that your bedding is intended to last a lifetime. So you might now be wondering how to ensure that is the case. Calvi.Co bed linen is designed to be easy-to-care-for so you can spend more time dreaming and less time washing. Here are our top tips as well as a couple of big "no-nos" to keep in mind.


Firstly, we recommend that you always wash your bed linen before its first use. Our pure hemp bed linen is all OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified meaning it has been cleared of any harmful chemicals but a good pre-wash will ensure that any other nasties are eliminated. Just in case.

Beyond that, caring for pure hemp linen bedding is fairly straight-forward thanks to its durability. Calvi.Co bed linen can withstand gentle machine washing if hand washing is not your thing. As with everything, if you are mixing your bed linen with other laundry it is best to wash with like colours. We then recommend line drying but since we are from Melbourne we totally understand if you need to use the dryer. A gentle tumble dry will do no harm.


Like flax linen, pure hemp linen looks effortlessly chic when unironed. Having said that, a warm iron can be used if desired. To brighten up your bedding you might like to occasionally add a sprinkle of baking powder to the wash cycle and a small splash of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. 


As with all natural fibre textiles bleach can cause very obvious damage to your hemp bed linen regardless of its colour (yes, this applies to whites too). Steer clear of bleach at all times! 

It might sound counter-intuitive but you should also avoid using too much detergent in your wash. Overdoing the detergent will create excess suds and may actually cause your linen to lose its vibrancy and softness or to take on unpleasant odours. 

Pure hemp linen is extraordinarily strong and if treated with care and respect will reward you with a lifetime of comfort. In fact, Calvi.Co bedding is one of those elusive products (like a fine wine) that will actually get better with age, softening over time. Follow the simple steps above to keep your hemp bed linen in tip-top shape.


Infographic in grey tones identifying what you should always, sometimes and never do to keep your hemp bed linen in good repair.

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